Mystic Spirit Design
Gemstone Necklace and feather fan

Blending the physical beauty and natural energies inherent in gems, carvings, crystals, and natural materials, we create objects of beauty and empowerment.  Since ancient times humans have found ways to wear stones and other natural objects for both adornment and as objects of power or for the magical qualities they have sensed in them.  We utilize both ancient and modern sources as well as our own intuitive sense of what energies various stones possess and how they work together.


The result is jewellery that:

  • is beautiful
  • has strong personal significance for the wearer
  • is a reminder of who we are and who we seek to become
  • helps us attune to our inner wisdom and the guidance of the ancients

Whether you are interested in the healing energy, metaphysical qualities, or new age aspects of our creations or see them as energizing personal adornment, we feel you will find them a magical addition to your life.  Browse through our galleries of unique creations – there may be something waiting just for you!

Our Gemstone Necklaces are one of a kind jewelry used to bring specific energies into your life.  For spiritual and emotional healing, increasing your psychic and magical abilities, focusing energy,  or attuning to your higher guidance have a look at these unique gemstone necklaces

Our Goddess Necklaces focus on the divine feminine.  These pieces of jewellery are designed to awaken intuition, to empower, and put you in touch with your highest self.  Pieces invoking the divine masculine or god energy are also found here, the goal being to bring these energies into balance in our lives. 

If you are looking for an amulet or talisman see our one of a kind pieces under TalismansThere is now a separate section for smudge fans for cleansing the aura and energy field.  Look at our wands for manifestation and focus, athames for cutting free from those things that hold you back and other ritual and ceremonial pieces in our Wands section.

For totem animal necklaces look at our Power Animals. 

We have added a selection of cloak clasps by Bill, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Master Ark of Ringholden. This is the place to find cloak clasps, brooches, and bronze pieces based on ancient Celtic, Viking and Saxon artifacts.  If you are interesting in things medieval you might also like to visit our other website .


Be sure to have a look at Other Items !  Here you will find an eclectic selection of sacred objects.  Gemstone pendants, crystal balls, carvings in stone, bone, and fossil mammoth ivory might turn up here.  Special one of a kind pieces that we find often end up here.

You can now find us on Facebook!  Check our facebook page for the latest news and designs!

We hope you enjoy browsing through all of our galleries!

"As part of my daily routine I choose appropriate energy support in the form of crystal jewellery to wear. Today in anticipation of a forth coming stressful meeting I  reached for the energetically appropriate  pieces of crystal jewellery. Once again it was your jewellery.
So I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and share with you how I deeply appreciate your sensitivity, knowledge, beauty and function in the creations of your jewellery....wearable mandalas....and the Rune/Elk/shell/garnet necklace piece is the one I always reach for when I am in need of 're-connection' in the Forest.
I feel very fortunate to have several of your 'Mystical' pieces.
Lovingly Amber"