Mystic Spirit Design
Karen at the Chalice Well in Glastenbury Karen brings a lifetime of curiosity and seeking to her creations.  Karen received an undergraduate degree in anthropology, worked in exploration geology in Calgary and later returned to university to become a chartered psychologist.  She moved to England in 1995 where her work took her to many different countries.  Now, in her jewellery she gets her inspiration from the colours, sights, sounds and symbols of the many cultures and countries in which she has lived, worked and traveled – Hawaii, England, Canada, the British Isles, western Europe, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, Nigeria and the far East: South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

With her background in anthropology, psychology and geology, she has been drawn to make symbolic jewellery – wearable art – jewellery with a message.  She creates pieces that inspire and encourage wearers to look beyond the physical to the symbolic and even spiritual meaning of the pieces they wear.


Bill on MauiBill grew up and lived most of his life in New Mexico.  After attaining a graduate degree, Bill turned his attention to art.  Sculpture in glass gave way to bronze which led to jewellery – inspired by the designs of the ancient Celts, Saxons and Norsemen or Vikings.  Over the years, Bill has designed and made historically correct sterling silver and bronze brooches, buckles and pendants.  He has extensively researched the designs of the periods, spending many long hours in the British Museum, the museums of Dublin and Edinburgh and Flagg Fenn in the UK, the Louvre, and the museums of Greece and Rome.

Now at 70 a lifetime of creative experience and spiritual seeking has coalesced into a line of jewellery and ceremonial tools fashioned of silver, bronze, amber and antler with natural crystals and gemstones.

Bill and Karen are always searching for rare and high quality stones, carved pendants, unusual “found objects” and materials with cultural and emotional significance.  They create pieces from their own inspiration and also help clients trust their inner guidance to co-create custom designed pieces.  They have a finely tuned sense of the energies of their pieces – creating with intention and attention.


Karen shopping for beads
Karen Shopping
Bill in ShopBill in the shop
Bill Shopping for Crystal Balls
Bill buying crystal balls
Bill & Karen at Machu Pichhu in October 2008
Bill & Karen at Machu Picchu in October, 2008

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