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Name: Stone Spheres
Description: The clear quartz sphere or crystal ball is the best known stone sphere. We carry these, but we also sell spheres of lapis, jet, ruby in fuschite, dumorteirite, shungite, malachite, and others. Each of these is individually selected for quality and energy. They are wonderful if you want to work with the energy of a specific stone and they look great on your altar. Some are small enough to carry around in your pocket or pouch. Prices range from $20 to $200.
Stones: Clear quartz, jet, ruby in fuschite,dumorteirite, malachite, lapis, bloodstone, shungite
Availability: Please inquire to see if we have what you want in stock.
Price: C$0
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Our pieces are all one of a kind. 
Please contact us to confirm availability before paying.

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