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Name: Wand of Passionate Creativity
Description: This elk antler wand was created during the Mabon full moon, cleansed in the moonlight and charged with rainbow energy. It is set with a large Brazilian quartz crystal, a phantom smoky quartz crystal, amethyst, moonstone, iolite, fire agate, and citrine. There is a ruby set inside the wand beneath the quartz crystal and a fire opal set beneath the smoky quartz. The quartz crystal focuses and amplifies intention. Smoky quartz facilitates the manifestation of inspiration and dreams. It transmutes negativity and is grounding. Ruby powers the wand, bringing life force, passion, and courage to act. Fire opal also brings passion. It awakens creative energy. Amethyst promotes divine connection and clears negativity while providing psychic protection. Moonstone stimulates psychic ability and intuition. Iolite also awakens psychic abilities and increases the vividness of inner vision. Fire agate brings life force and zest for life. Citrine is a stone of manifestation and transmutation of negativity. It brings mental clarity and creativity. Sunstone aids in clearing energy as well as expanding consciousness and stimulating creativity. Together these stones act to awaken creativity and passion. This wand can be used to focus this energy to manifest your visions.
Stones: Quartz Crystal, Ruby, Amethyst, Moonstone, Iolite, Fire Agate, Citrine, Fire Opal, Smoky Quartz
Availability: Sold
Price: C$395
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