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Name: Macaw Feather Smudge Fan
Description: This fan was created as a tool for purification. The feathers are naturally molted macaw feathers. The handle was created from a piece of keawe root from Maui. The handle is set with kyanite, rutilated quartz, and charoite. Kyanite aligns the charkas, clears the energy field, and opens the psychic channels. Rutilated quartz is a strong amplifier of intention. It infuses one's energy field with light energy. Charoite is used to cleanse the aura and dispel negativity. It also is said to accelerate spiritual growth. The fan has been finished with deer skin. Used with conscious intention this fan is a beautiful tool for purification and energizing.
Stones: Kyanite, Charoite, Rutilated Quartz, Scarlet Macaw Feathers, Keawe Wood
Availability: Sold - contact us to special order a smudge fan
Price: C$250
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