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Name: Goddess Heart Wand
Description: This wand is made from a deer antler ting and features an Arkansas quartz crystal. It is set with larimar, rainbow moonstone, pink tourmaline, ruby and emerald and has a calcite crystal set beneath the quartz crystal within the body of the wand. Quartz crystals focus energy and are magnifiers of intention. The Arkansas crystals tend to have a high energy vibration. Larimar is a goddess energy stone, bringing a powerful feminine energy. Its energy is calming and brings a vibration of emotional healing. It helps one to be present in the moment and to speak from the heart. Moonstone likewise has a goddess energy and aids intuition and the inward journey. It vibrates with love energy and rainbow moonstone adds an element of joy. Pink tourmaline is a heart stone, emanating love and heart healing. It is calming physically and emotionally. The ruby is another heart stone which stimulates the heart chakra. It gathers and amplifies energy and promotes creativity and expansiveness in manifestation. It is a stone which awakens passion, life force and it assists one in changing one’s world. Emerald activates the heart chakra as well. It helps one to live from a place of love and compassion as well as opening one to receive love. Emerald is a powerful healing stone. It brings courage to move forward and to live from the heart. There is a small calcite crystal set inside the wand beneath the quartz crystal. Calcite is an amplifier of intention. It also clears energy blockages and stimulates energy flow throughout the aura. Together these stones stimulate the heart at all levels. They bring the energy and focus to create that which your divine heart desires.
Size: 7 1/4 inches long
Stones: Quartz Crystal, Larimar, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Ruby, Emerald, Calcite, Deer Antler
Availability: This piece is available.
Price: C$195
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