Cloak Clasps

For over twenty years, as Master Ark of Ringholden in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Bill designed and produced authentic medieval cloak clasps. In October of 2003 he went to England for the first time to court Karen, now his wife. While in England he spent many days in the British museum, studying and photographing the jewelry. Bill and Karen traveled extensively and visited museums in Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Rome, and Greece. With all of this inspirational material to draw from Bill has again begun to produce cloak clasps. Every clasp is designed for functional first, then beauty. Here are some of Billís cloak clasps, both new and old designs.
Cloak Clasps
Oak Leaf Cloak Clasp
Floral Clasp
6 Stone Buckle Brooch
Pennanular Brooch
Knotwork Cloak Clasp
Zoomorphic Cloak Clasp
Rennaissance Cloak Clasp
Large Cloak Clasp