Gods and Goddesses

These necklaces incorporate the symbol of the divine feminine.

Representations of the Goddess are among the earliest art works of humankind, used talismanically to encourage the fertility of the family and to honour the abundance of the earth. In more recent times, these symbols have come to represent the strength of feminine energy and many women use it to recognize that divine part within themselves.

Various gemstones are combined with the Goddess symbols to add specific properties and energies to the necklace. Many of these stones themselves represent or enhance various feminine qualities such as intuition and unconditional love.

Both men and women are drawn to these necklaces to honour the Goddess and to bring balanced energy into their lives.

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Gods and Goddesses
Goddess of Abundance
Tree Deva
Dragonfly Fairy Brooch
Spiral Goddess
Triple Crescent Goddess
Angel Pendant
Guadalupe Pendant
Tree Deva Brooch or Pendant