Magical tools have been used in ceremony and ritual throughout the world, across cultures from ancient times to the present.

They serve as reminders of intention and points of focus for energy. They can be functional, symbolic, inspirational and beautiful. The tools that Bill and Karen design are meant to be all of these. They include:

  • wands to focus, amplify , and direct energy
  • smudge fans - to use in cleansing the energy field
  • talismans - pendants created to call in a specific energy
  • ceremonial necklaces - to empower the wearer and to focus their energy

These tools are created with intention and attention. Stones are combined to bring specific energies to the piece. Naturally shed antlers or feathers may be incorporated.

Some of the pieces are used for healing, focusing energy, protection or gaining intuitive ability. Runes and symbols may also be carved into the piece, bringing their meaning and energy into the tool.

The pieces are designed to be beautiful as well as functional.

Whenever Bill makes a piece he has the feeling that he is making it for someone - he just doesn't know who it is until they come and find it. If it hasn't been made yet, it is an opportunity for him to make a piece specifically for the future user. Feel free to email us and tell us what you are seeking.

Peruvian Crystal Wand
Manifestation Antler Wand
Heart Opening Wand
Goddess Heart Wand
Wand of Passionate Creativity
Custom Athames